Sunil Gurung

I have read all the books of the Narconon program from book 1 to book 8. I learned to be stable in book 1, made my body and mind clear by doing sauna (Book 2) which stopped my re-stimulation. Then I improved my learning from book 3. In book 5, I became able to differentiate the social and anti-social personalities, how to handle PTS and in book 6, I learnt about the dynamics and their connection. I also learnt about ethics, overts and withholds, responsibility and code of honor. I studied book 7 about different types of conditions and how to handle these conditions by applying the related formulas. I also learnt about exchanges and RPEC and their importance. And at last I did book 8 in which I studied all the percepts in the book and learnt many good and new things. Now I am a Narconon graduate as I have completed all the books of the Narconon program and I will apply all the things that I have studied in the Narconon course in my coming days as I am applying it now. I was very anti-social before I came to Narconon but slowly now I am becoming social and drug free and happy.