Gunjan Gautam

Well, I was heavily into drugs in my past days in the US. Due to drugs, my life was totally a mess and my physical, mental or anything related to me was really a snafu. I went to 2 different rehabilitation centers to get off drugs but that was all in vain as I relapsed again and again. This made me think that none of the programs work for me.

Then I came to Narconon Nepal. I found the course here to be quite effective. Here my new life has started as after going through the narconon program I currently find myself to be an ethical, honest and responsible person who does not take drugs anymore. I found Narconon tech to be working on me to be drugs free and more of that its teaching me to be productive as well, As now I have been applying the things that I have learned f\rom Narconon and I am, very happy as I am in Narconon helping others to overcome drug addiction.

So I would like to thank Narconon Nepal and all its staff members and all the people of Narconon for helping me to come off drugs and for making a new person.